The Cordillera Green Network, Inc. (CGN) is an environmental Non-Government Organization (NGO) based in Baguio City, Philippines.

Since 2001, CGN has been working with the indigenous people in the Cordillera Administrative Region transform their communities into models of sustainable resource management.

CGN helps preserve the environment

as well as helping improve the lives of people.

Photo by Meeko Koike

The word "Cordillera" in the organization's name refers to the mountains found in the northern part of Luzon island. Various indigenous people live in this part of the island. Most people find their livelihood here at almost 2,000 meters high mountains. Its rugged terrains makes this place one of the least developed areas in the Philippines. Though least developed, the place is rich when it comes to natural and human resources. The people somehow preserved their own unique culture with traditional arts and rituals that honor the Nature gods and spirits.


However in the recent decades, a wave of the global economy had pushed people to modify some of their traditional ways. This resulted to environmental degradation brought about by deforestation and mismanagement of the forests. Indigenous people's lifestyle also is gradually changing. CGN addresses these problems in order to preserve and protect the environment and at the same time provide alternative livelihoods and activities for the people.


Wildfires often occur during summer

Abandoned mining areas poses high risk disasters 

CGN`s Objectives

  • to promote clean and green environment
  • to help install renewable energy systems (biogas, microhydropower plant)
  • to promote sustainable farming
  • to create income generating activities to alleviate the economic condition of the people
  • to help mold home grown future leaders for the preservation of mother earth 
  • to help preserve the cultural tradition of the mountain people, and Map of the Cordillera
  • to promote local and international linkages

CGN History

CGN was established in September 2001 to help address the pervading environmental and socioeconomic problems in the Cordillera region. It is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non- profit, and non-government organization (NGO), and is based in Baguio City.


CGN has been engaging in community-based development for almost two decades. Its advocacy is realized and sustained primarily through linkages, partnership, and fund grants and donation from generous individuals and organizations. Learn more about the history of our activities. 


CGN was founded by Mariko Sorimachi, a Japanese resident of Baguio City, together with a group of indigenous people who are passionate about environmental conservation.


As of 2020, Bruno Taiyang, a forester,  was appointed president. The vice president is John Takloy, a professor of Forestry at Benguet State University (BSU). The staffs consist mainly of indigenous forester, agrarian, and other professionals. CGN is created through collaboration of group of environmental educators, artists, writers, and environmental activists.

CGN`s Activities

How to Support CGN?

Donate to make a financial and/or material support for the environmental initiatives of CGN. 


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Buy Our Coffee

CGN has been promoting agroforestry Arabica coffee production in the Cordillera as a part of its reforestation project. CGN also conducts seminars/workshops on coffee maintenance and processing to upgrade the quality of coffee produced in the region. By purchasing our coffee, you are also supporting the coffee farmers and all our partner communities in improving their livelihood and ecological sustainability. 


Website of introduction of our Coffee and Online Shop 

Yagam Coffee


If you are interested in purchasing the wholesale green beans or roasted coffee beans please contact Kapi Tako Social Enterprise, our partner social entrepreneur.

Pop Up Shop at NGO Bazaar  in Manila Japanese School(2019)

Exported Cordillera coffee beans are roasted and served at Unknown Coffee truck in Japan

Be a volunteer/intern for CGN

Be a volunteer/intern and share your skills and knowledge in the development and implementation of our programs/projects. We accept short-term and long-term volunteers/interns throughout the year.

Volunteers from the Collage of Forestry, Benguet State University (2019)

Join Our Study Tours & Workshops

Join our study tours/eco-tours and workshops. We organize various types of exposure programs such as tree planting tours, coffee harvesting tours, visits to organic farms, environmental education/art workshops etc. This is a great way to learn about environmental issues and experience the rich culture and nature in the Cordillera. We can also organize tours or workshops for groups and individuals based on your interests and schedule. Keep yourself updated with the latest tour/workshop information through our Facebook page. 

Coffee Harvest Tour in the community with interns and volunteers (2018)

Let's Keep the Cordillera Green!